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User:Jshorb has created a suite of extensions that enable this wiki to communicate with our Mother wiki, ChemEd Collaborative and their resources. Information about the extensions in this suite is documented below.

ChemPaths Hider

This hider utilizes some CSS and div tags to make text visible at different times. The default is to show in ChemPaths, and not in the wiki. The options are:

Show in Wiki? Show in ChemPaths? The Short Code How it appears
X <cp>Text here!</cp>Text here!
X X <cp wiki="show">Text Here!</cp>Text Here!
<cp student="hide">This will never be seen!</cp>
This will never be seen!
X <cp student="hide" wiki="show">Here is more text</cp>
Here is more text

These can be expanded upon, without regard for defaults as follows:

How to use the ChemPaths Hider The Code How it appears
This will appear in ChemPaths, but not appear on the wiki: <cp student="show" wiki="hide">Here is text</cp> Here is text
Whereas, this will show in both places (as will any text, so this is pointless): <cp wiki="show" student="show">Here is text</cp> Here is text
And this will appear nowhere (again, sort of useless, except that it is like an html comment, except that it is readable by search engines and "View Source" options, where as normal wiki comments are not): <cp wiki="hide" student="hide">This will never be seen!</cp>
This will never be seen!
Finally, the opposite show/hide - this will appear in the wiki, but not appear in ChemPaths:<cp student="hide" wiki="show">Here is text</cp>
Here is text

The only piece of CSS that is used in MediaWiki:Common.css is:

span.cp {
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