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This Help Portal is a directory to all help pages and guidelines on ChemPRIME. Each section briefly describes an important aspect of ChemPRIME and each section heading is a link to more specific and detailed information about that aspect. If you are looking for chemical references and resources, Category: Resources and Tables contains lists of important values.

A good approach to creating exemplars or other content is to find example code that you can edit to create the page you want. The example code (or syntax) can be copied and pasted into the page you are working on. In addition, many of the more difficult-to-code features (such as the table of contents) are available as templates that you can copy and paste. To facilitate this approach, each help section linked to below provides examples of the most commonly used code related to that section's topic. Most sections also contain a link to a page in ChemPRIME that exemplifies the feature described.


Policy and Style

Manual of Style

A major goal of ChemPRIME is to have many people editing content and creating new exemplars. With many different authors it is important to maintain consistency of appearance and organization of ChemPRIME pages so that students will not be confused by a hodge-podge of styles. The Manual of Style (MoS) indicates how to write and format exemplars and other content so that they are consistent with ChemPRIME as a whole.

Communicating with Other Users

With many different people working on ChemPRIME, communication is essential. Discussion is encouraged and can happen in several ways. It's a good idea to ask for other opinions when embarking on large-scale projects or making a drastic change to a ChemPRIME page. This section summarizes communication tools available in the wiki.


This section describes how to code an exemplar, starting with a CoreChem page. How to conceive and develop an exemplar is described in the section Collaborating with ChemPRIME.


Markup Tools

See Wikipedia:Tools at

Word to MediaWiki MediaWiki has an Editing Tool :Page with links to many helpful tools, including:Word To Media Wiki]

Excel to MediaWiki In WikiPedia, you can type help:Topic to get editing help; for example, help:table [1] tells how to create tables, and gives a useful Excel to Wiki link.


This section describes how to code various features that are likely to be used in an exemplar you are creating. Coding such features properly and consistently is very important so that ChemPRIME will have a consistent look and feel for students and also so that the most appropriate tools are used for each job.


It is important that chemical formulas and equations be displayed as they would appear in typical printed material. Several different ways to do this are described in this section. Mathematical equations pose even greater problems and usually require coding in LaTeX. This section describes how to do this.



Images are commonly used to display a chemical reaction or diagram of a molecule, and should be used when words cannot adequately explain an idea you are trying to convey. At the same time, it's best not to overload a page with images. CoreChem pages should include images that directly show the chemicals discussed in the text. In exemplars, images may be placed as "eye-catching" introductions to pages, in addition to demonstrating a chemical concept.


Many sources of media are available for use on ChemPRIME, including videos and Jmol diagrams. They are useful for providing examples that are more interactive than images. This section details how to insert various media into your exemplar or other content.

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