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The ChemPRIME project is in collaboration with the ChemEd DL. As such, some of the resources on this wiki are actually hosted by their repository. This content is used with permission, and is available under the ChemEd DL partners' license.

Any material owned by the ChemEd DL (Molecules, images, structures, text) is available under the CC license cited at the bottom of each page. However, certain files have additional proprietary stipulations. The two key ones are as follows:

Molecular Computations

Many Models 360 Jmols have additional computed information available. These are computed using the Gaussian package. These output files are available fore viewing via download through the applet. The content within these files should be used according to the copyright outlined within the files themselves, as well as any further stipulations required by Gaussian, Inc.

JCE CCA! Videos

These videos are in a streaming format which is embedded via a tag. The use of this tag and the viewing of the streaming videos is at the discretion of Journal of Chemical Education. Although the use of these tags is free to use on this wiki and wherever the ChemEd DL offers the use in streaming format. However, these videos are proprietary and their content is not released under the CC license.

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