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Link to my exemplar

My name is Justin Shorb. I am also known as the System Operator (or SysOp) for the ChemPRIME wiki. I am a recent graduate from Univ. Wisconsin - Madison laboring joyfully under the direction of John Moore. I can often be found online under either of my usernames trying to keep the ChemPRIME wiki running as smoothly and orderly as possible!

Anyone can contact me for technical help with the wiki. Also, feel free to contact me regarding any of the extensions we make use of here at ChemPRIME - many of which I have modified for our own uses, or written myself. For inquiries into the project in general, contact the PIs of this project, Ed Vitz and John Moore.

Thanks! Jshorb 20:18, 16 March 2009 (UTC)

This was added today. Read my blog.

Testing for Twirlymol: User:Jshorb/Twirlymol


Using the jmol2 version, with a SMILES string input for caffeine:




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