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Hey there,

I'm Robert Hetue, and I'm an undergraduate student at UW-Madison. I created an account in order to edit the Chempaths textbook for my Chemistry 109H Honors Project. I have some experience working with wikis, though not those on the scale of Wikipedia itself.

Working on ChemPrime for my honors project was a blast! It definitely helped me get an A in the class, and I particularly enjoyed creating the exemplar on organic chemistry.... IN SPACE. I'm taking an Analytical Chemistry course now, but I'll be sure to stick around here and add more exemplars, perhaps to break up the possibly mundane systematic work of A-Chem.

Much thanks to Professor Moore for offering me a position as an editor at ChemPRIME!


ChemPRIME Format Observations

CoreChem is the namespace for the actual content pages that focus on the "core" of the topic at hand and are the actual pages assigned for reading. For example, CoreChem:Dipole Forces links to the page in the ChemPaths textbook included in mandatory reading. The same title in mainspace (in this example, simply Dipole Forces), is essentially a "hub" for that topic; it links to its respective CoreChem page.

CoreChem page titles must immediately follow the colon and do not tolerate spaces, as categories do. Speaking of which, I wonder if categories have been implemented here?


Chempaths Textbook
Moodle Course
Properties of Organic Compounds and Other Covalent Substances Hub: Includes Possible Exemplars
Help for contributors
Wikimedia Commons
Template:Information - Copyright template
Special:Categories - Category List


I have tentatively decided to work within the Organic Chemistry chapter as well as branch out through the Astronomy and Physics track. This is a list of exemplars I have created or put substantial effort into, along with relative article quality.

Exemplars in Properties of Organic Compounds and Other Covalent Substances and Astronomy and Physics Track

Exemplars in Properties of Organic Compounds and Other Covalent Substances

Exemplars in the Astronomy and Physics Track

Exemplars in Miscellaneous Areas

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