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Page for the Systems Administrators of the ChemPRIME wiki. This page will log changes to the wiki and reasons for those changes. Current Development:

  • MathML Support
    • Completed with help of Jon Holmes. MathML now working
  • Hide/Show Menus
    • Completed with much copy/paste from Wikipedia, hence the addition of the next bullet
  • Clean-up of MediaWiki:Common.js and MediaWiki:Common.css to speed things up. We only need them for navigation currently.
    • Added most of the Wikipedia Common files contents. Things are working well, so far. We can trim if needed.
  • Template for interpretation
    • Completed with the Installed Extension: ParserFunctions
  • Export/Import Images/Namespaces
    • Accomplished with extension: SpecialUploadLocal (disabled unless needed, since it is not a stable release)
  • Write an extension which allows for pulling of single date of entry (Talk Page has my post with response) (Can use API call within an extension to create a new GET parameter)

List of Installed Extensions

Also available at Special:Version

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