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Molecules 360!

Thanks to chemeddl:User:Xavier, we now have an extremely easy way to embed Molecules 360! images into ChemPaths webpages. A List of available Molecules is here. A simple tag will embed everything. The XML-like tag <chemeddl-jmol> indicates that something will be embedded, 'molecule' is the molecule's name (or formula or short name, described below), and each parameter is separated by a vertical bar '|'.

 <chemeddl-jmol> molecule | genmenu | mo | symm | vib | mep |caption= XXX </chemeddl-jmol>

(without any spaces) will give you various menus associated with the molecule of your choice! For instance, your molecule name could be water, SF4, or anything available on the database. At it's very simplest:


This gives you a small version of a water molecule. All by itself. You can move it around, and spin it. The other options you can have are below:

How about a small picture of an Acetic Acid molecule, showing various vibrations?


We can also look at smaller molecules and their associated Molecular Orbitals:


Same thing, but how about we add the controls for symmetry and the general controls:


There you have it! The last example is our favorite ubiquitous molecule, with all the options currently available, including a link to a standalone webpage with this same menu, a larger image, and a different layout for the larger amount of menus.



Tag words:

(remember that that actual tag has no spaces anywhere!

genmenu - Adds the General Menu (Spin, vdW radii representation, labels, dipole).
mo - Adds the panel for viewing various Molecular Orbitals.
symm - Adds the control for viewing various symmetry elements.
vib - Adds the IR Spectrum viewer along with Normal Mode Vibrations (animated).
mep - Adds a control panel for electrostatic mappings. Various Surfaces and plane views are supported.
link - Adds a link to a standalone page with the same layout.
size:pixels - specifies a size for the box width. (default=250)
small - Sets the picture to be smaller than the default. (100px)
table:yes/no - Dictates whether or not the menus will be set up in table format. Default is yes.
simple - Generates the image using TwirlyMol, a lightweight molecule viewer. Note: supersedes all other keywords except for size, as long as size is specified after "simple".
caption= Inserts a caption

(Leave comments on the discussion page as to other options you would like to see for any of these current options)

Dot Density Diagrams

You can also do Dot Density Diagrams of Atomic Orbitals. The tag is the same, except that the 'molecule' you use is called 'dotDensity'. Then, we need only specify the element or molecule from the following list:

  • Boron
  • Beryllium
  • Carbon
  • Ethene
  • H2-Molecule
  • Helium
  • Hydrogen
  • Lithium
  • LithiumHydride
  • Nitrogen x-y
  • Nitrogen y-z
  • sp1
  • sp2
<chemeddl-jmol>dotDensity|Nitrogen x-y</chemeddl-jmol>

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