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Tea continues to be drunk for centuries, the first records have been in India and China.

Tea is the second most consumed beverage after water in the world. Your typical coffee connoisseur will think that coffee would be the most widely used after water - however this is not true. The juggernaut that is the coffee industry will believe that the coffee bean is king, however in actual fact the humble tea leaf ranks second. This popular drink is ideal to substitute and help you quit alcohol. Tea has stepped up to the plate and withstood the exam of time - it has been consumed from olden days until today. Tea, like alcohol, has been utilized as medicine, parts of rituals and a social beverage. Through the centuries alcohol has changed, as has tea, to incorporate different flavors and brewing methods. It is an excellent substitute and tool that will help you quit alcohol.

The beginnings of the humble tea leaf are viewed to possess begun in ancient India and China. There are many legends and myths associated with tea drinking - these are often parallel to the stories surrounding alcohol.

One of the most popular myths is all about Shennon, the mythical emperor of China. Based on legend, Emperor Shennon was drinking a mug of hot water once the breeze blew plus some leaves fell into his cup. The Emperor didn't throw away his water - instead he continued to sip, experiencing the flavor of the water. Following the chance of the leaves, Emperor Shennon enjoyed his tea so much he continued the ritual daily.

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Traditionally tea has been utilized for medicinal purposes and as a part of rituals - not too distant in the path alcohol has traveled over the past five thousand years. Because the world expanded and trade commenced in earnest tea traveled the world making its home in lots of nations.

Tea began it's influential journey in Asia and China and the neighboring nations were the first one to gain the advantages of tea drinking. On its journey, tea reached the Middle East in 1000 - 500BC. Tea took a longer time to reach Europe, and the first recorded instance was in 1650 at the time of the truly amazing Western expansion. When tea reached Europe, the recognition of tea took hold.

Tea has many variations and flavors, but the essential basic of teas are the Camellia Sinesis plant. From this one plant, the tea leaves we consume today are made within their different colors and flavors with respect to the chronilogical age of the leaves and of its buds. Not too dissimilar towards the production of wine! You may be wondering if the could be true - the variations of color are extreme - white, black, green and red to name but a few. An ideal example is the white tea and black tea; white tea comes from its young leaves, while the black tea comes from the fully oxidized leaves. Tea's which are also popular would be the herbal or fruit infused teas which are easily available. These teas are made with leaves or plant products of herbs which are infused in hot water to make a type of tea or they're regular tea leaves infused with fruit flavors to provide a variation on regular tea.

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